P.IVA 08020111004

TOKYO 2013

The idea is to bring the environment into the architecture without demolish building or change their skin.


The project aims to create a new discontinuous layer in some parts of the existing city


Through the creation of public spaces above the street level will be establish continuity between environment and buildings


The discontinuity of new space will be able to bring the environment into the architecture only where today they are separate entities.

The fragmentation will have also the function to leave sufficient space around existing stores (street level) and leave unchanged the traffic flow.

The new layer will be connected to the old level by stairs and elevators located inside the new structure.

The public self-supporting modules will host different functions, (gardens, cinema, swimming pool, sports area, etc.). obviously some existing houses nearby the new space (above street level) will be replaced with new functions to give back the continuity between environment and architecture.

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