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Downtown Fargo: an urban infill competition
The whole project rises from the idea of create a “city in the city”, integrating at the same time the
preexisting bank, overworking the composition of different layers to wich correspond different
The different layers ricreate just one big complex recognizable in the entire urban context thanks to
an external texture that underlines its own skyline and that make it an evident landmark.
From the underground level until the top one, the functions develop emphasizing a gradual
detachment between public and private dimension.
At the same time, different layers are reconnected, internally and externally, thanks to a ramp,
accessible from anyone, that has got the double function of crossover and bicycle path and that
consent to ricreate an “architectural promenade” able to get catch sight of the whole building in the
complexity of its volumes .
Features of the full complex are big holes in all height that allow the enter of the light and a good
air’s circulation also in the most internal zone.
The underground level contains a vast area designated to parkings for the users of the commercial
The first two levels are dedicated to retails spaced out thanks to big areas that set up like
aggregation points.
The third level is used as offices’ plan and the fourth level is another plan accomodating parkings
destinated in prevalence to employees and resident people.
The top level take form like a mass of blocks composed of different building typologies that grant
good flexibility and possibility of living for each type of user. In addition a block is located on an
elevated plate that host a public common space of big height that was thinked from us like a sport
The main goal of the project is to create a space that would be practical while repropousing in its
interior a simulation of the complicated links that usually give to a city its own positive feature.
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